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Activism: causes and principles I stand for

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Against smoking and all drugs, ostracism (on a personal level) to those who actively defend using them.

Fast food chains and Shopping Malls: never using when there is a viable option available.

Videogames: not playing and ostracism (on a personal level) to those who actively defend it as something beneficial or innocuous.

Avoiding industrial made sugary/diet soft drinks.

Actively avoiding anything connected with intrusive or excessive publicity. Against any form of invasion to the daily flow of consciousness in order to sell something or some idea.

While using social networks, to avoid mere criticism. Not to be kind (likes, +1, favorites, shares, comments, retweets) to mere criticisms without an activist basis such as the ones described here.

More animal rights.

Causes on a civil level

Absolute freedom of private communications, including copies of copyrighted files through peer to peer networks.

Freedom and anonymity (not guaranteed by the Brazilian bill of rights) of public speech, all due civil restrictions guarded (defamation, hate speech).

Severe limitations on advertisement, for instance prohibition of street advertisement (sound, visual) of any kind.

Decreasing the time of copyright royalties to something around 5 years.

Profound reform on patent law, which is obcene for pharmaceutics, and causes unproductive results to many areas, e.g. software.

Limitation or elimination of possibilities and notions around corporate personhood.

Gun control on civil populations on all contries.

Internet neutrality.

Free speech with privacy and anonymity.

For the continuous regulation of financial markets, particularly "high frequency trades" and such.

Regulation for compulsory release of prices and conditions on public databases for easy consult and comparison.

Radical Transparency.

Direct democracy and progressively less representation.

Dynamic granulation of decision locations. (Making the discussions on centralization/descentralization obsolete by using adaptive social statistics tools).


For measures to decrease inequalities, in the sense of Rawls' Difference Principle. Progressive taxes and measures to equalise the access to justice institutions.

Technological causes

All software is free. All hardware should be free. All hardware and software should be open. Radical transparency for software and hardware.

Against all forms of DRM

Against iTunes.

Against Adobe Flash.

Against Netflix, Hulu, Crackle etc. All streaming non p2p services.

Support to jailbreaks, cracks, hackintoshes etc.

For regulations on universal use of adapters, chargers and batteries.

For regulations to ease the access and DIY fixing of our own devices.

Companies I try to boycott as widely as possible



Editora Abril




Burger King




Harley-Davidson Motor Company

HarperCollins Publishers




My Political Compass

1st (Jun 2009) ec left -6.13, soc libertarian -5.85
2nd (Aug 2010) ec left -3.88, soc libertarian -4.05
3rd (July 2011) ec left -7.25, soc libertarian -5.85
4th (June 2012) ec left -6.77, soc authoritarian +0.64
5th (June 2013) ec left -5.31, soc libertarian -6.31

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The World's Smallest Political Quiz: Centrist

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